• Do I need previous experience or a license?

    No previous experience or special license needed!

    Many of our guests have never driven a Jetski before and that is "why we are here". We will go through a full briefing before hand both on and off the Jetski and once your on your Jetski our guides will be on the water with you at all times if you have any questions

    For experienced drivers, that's totally cool too. Keep up with our guides and rip it up out there!!

  • How old do I have to be to ride a Jetski?

    Drive Solo - 16yrs and up

    Double - There must be at least 1 adult ( 18yrs plus ) on the Jetski

    Youngest - 7yrs and up can jump on a Jetski ( doubling with an adult )

  • What if I cant swim?

    Don’t worry if you can’t swim, we provide life jackets to all our Jetski riders.

  • What do I need to bring on the day?

    You will need to bring photo ID, and we recommend you also bring; a towel, sun protection and a great sense of adventure. We have free lockers for any valuables.

    You're also welcome to bring along a Go Pro as long as it is attached to your head/body and you have both hands free for driving or holding on!

  • Do I have to pay for additional riders on my Jetski?

    The cost is per Jetski, not per person, so invite a friend along to share the ride and the cost and double the fun factor!!

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